Hi ratki here. Thank you for watching.


-How often do you upload videos?
I work hard on the videos. It takes too much time to create this type of video so at random times. I try to spend as much time as possible crafting them and always aim to create something entertaining. While for some they may seem like some silly Minecraft videos, they mean a lot to me, I've dedicated endless hours into trying to make them as best as I could with the resources I had available.

-Why dont you use voices in videos?
I wanted to reach a global audience so I try to make videos without using much text or voices. Im very grateful that my content has been well received and to have entertained so many people all over the world. I started the channel as a bit of a joke and would have never imagined that.

*Disclaimer: This channel is a parody and not an official Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft product.

And thanks again to everyone that ever watched, liked, commented. Your support will not be forgotten.


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    ste video me da mucha nostalguia de 2021

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    Herobrine es mi héroe

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    Mojang crea una serie en Netflix llamada mounster schoool

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    Moi aussi je veux voir la partie 2😢😢😢 s'il te plaît ratkidz

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    Херобрин я подписался и поставил лайк ❤ хочу чтобы ты сделал в 2 серию poppy playtime

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    Боже какая ностальгия Когда я была маленькая я смотрела это мне нравился зомби спасибо за детство

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    Hello friends

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    wait wait ,

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    3:47 whistle from Baldi s basics

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    Semuga rakitdz hohol monster minicaft omong us bagian 4👍👍👍👍👊

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    The Time a Legend was Born

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    Simon says say mm yum

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    اندرمان هيروبراين الجيلي هيرو براين ضد في في كلمات

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    3:53 Enderman vs Herobrine with Water 4:06 Enderman: (Screams) 4:14 Enderman: (Sobs) 4:17 Enderman: Huh? (Screams) 4:30 Enderman: (Screams) 4:41 Enderman: Huh? 4:48 Enderman: (Screams) 4:55 Enderman: (Growls) 4:59 Enderman: What the… 5:02 Enderman: (Screams) x4 5:16 Enderman: (Growls) 5:24 Enderman: Ez! 5:31 Herobrine: (Growls) 5:43 Enderman: (Laughs) 5:46 Enderman: Huh? 5:47 Herobrine Turned to Evil 5:51 Enderman: (Gulps) 6:07 Enderman: (Laughs) 6:10 Enderman: Huh? 6:34 Enderman: (Gulps) 6:40 Enderman: Huh? (Screams) x2 7:05 Enderman: Huh? x2, What the… (Screams) 7:15 Evil Herobrine: (Laughs) 7:23 Enderman: (Screams) x2 7:34 Enderman: Huh? (Screams) x2 7:42 Enderman: Huh? x2 (Screams) 8:29 Enderman: (Laughs) 8:37 Herobrine: What? 11:48 Enderman: (Laughs) 11:49 Herobrine: Oh! 12:01 Herobrine: (Growls) 12:06 Herobrine’s Shark: (Growls) 12:07 Enderman: Huh? (Screams) 12:20 Enderman: (Screams) Huh? (Screams) 12:26 Herobrine’s Shark: (Growls) 12:28 Enderman: Huh? (Screams) Herobrine Win, Enderman Lose

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    9:15 😂

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    Puedes decir lo que tiene miedo al agua😅

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    What does it say?? 0:25

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    Know that enderman are weakness to waters 4:14

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    i subscribed ( save piggy ) at least than 5 seconds

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    Siren head is actually a human

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