Dragon Ball Challenge - Kamehameha (Mobs Parody)

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Mobs Parody Dragon Ball Challenge Edition!
Master Roshi teaches the Minecraft mobs how to do a Kamehameha, with a surprise guest appearance.
Minecraft Animation inspired by: Willcraft .Animations
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
-This is a parody and not an official Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft/Dragon Ball/Toei Animation product.

Пікірлер: 5 000

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    ratkidz te tardas un siglo en subir vídeo

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    jajaja grasioso

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    el Enderman estaba bien por que Goku iso lo mismo contra yanemba así que el Enderman se merecía su A+

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    francisco Ajalla que es gracioso

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    Vary smooth animation and no clipping I'd give it. 10/10

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    Helo Malaysia

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    ratkidz nice day Nice

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    yo master roshi training the mobs in minecraft school its an honor to see him in this video.

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    anyone here speaks english?? this is one of the best monster school animations I have ever seen. subbed and clicked on the bell button to not miss next videos.

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    hi. how did you guys find my video? in the related videos sections perhaps? im trying to bring more english speakers into my channel. also write your ideas for next videos.

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    ratkidz i found it cool and nice great work keep it up! :D

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    but how did you find it? you searched for monster school videos? or in the related videos?

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    Bueno ya me quedé sin palabras y también me dio mucha risa

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    Love it 😍😍😍

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    Ok you going crazy

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    Goku mastering the kamehameha while the school learns it in a minute

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    Enderman deserves A+ for Instantaneous Movement Kamehame Ha tbh. I'm kinda disappointed that so many monsters performed the move so well, expected more failures than this, and I kinda thought Goku would destroy an entire mountain rather than just one building. Other than that, good job.

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    That ok enderman that was a cool blast😃😃😃

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    *radkidz Your Video Niceee*

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    This the best animation i ever seen in my hole entire life and i sub to you that make you so special this channel is great i love this channel hehe

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    Zombie:Big Bang Zombie Pigman:Light Grenade Enderman:Galic Gun Skeleton:Kamehameha SLIME:Omega Blaster Ghast:Fire Kamehameha Spider:Evil Kamehameha Creeper:Spirit Ball

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    I Love Minecraft enderman was black rose kamehamhea if its galick gun both hands will be placed at 1 ear

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    zombie is only Ki Blast

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    I Love Minecraft no the zombie did the spirit bomb

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    ohhhhhh i get it

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    Enderman: Black kamehameha

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    This is accurate because everybody is wearing a gi and master roshi is training them Nice job

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    Don’t mind me just coming back to see my childhood again

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    Enderman hits Instant Transmission Kamehameha I love it

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    Whoa awesome im a total dbz fan and this is awesome!

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    Haz hecho lo imposible juntar dragón ball y minecraft 7u7

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    irtiş irtiş takımı 4

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    @@cr7_editss727 ᏢᏢᏢᏢᏢᏢ0

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    13:00 The infamous Instant Transmission Kamehameha!!! 😂😂😂

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    Alpha Tubitron oh yeah 😂

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    Also known as warp kamehameha

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    13:05 break my srean

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    Alpha Tubitron Dat a galick gun

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    He used Galactic Gun

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    I guess the Enderman knew the Instant Transmission Kamehameha already.

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    I LOVE IT 😀👍

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    i am so excited

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    This is one of the best mnster school

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    You don't know uow to spell monster school😂😂😂😂

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    Muy buena animación! espero que subas y termines el siguiente cap de vegeta vs vegeta 777

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    what do they mean

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    I Love Dragon Ball Z 😊

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    I appreciate how much you made this video and I love how they’re wearing Goku costume

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    This is one of the best monster school I've watch

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    But I can't understand it lol.

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    James The Slayer Roblox addme obcboy3214

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    I am loving this Goku

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    Those words on the chalkboard that the old guy had was Japanese in hiragana, and kanji

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    Ta chido sube de dragon ball z

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    I'm glad you added the spider instead of the Ghast

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    It makes me happy to watch it again, last time i watched this since 2018 or 2019. This is better than random animation in Facebook with too many stolen meme sounds that look like 💩

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    Enderman lost.

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    No creeper and slime thing won

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    Enderman just did an instant transmision kamehameha

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    Yep he did

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    Enderman made instant Transmission kamehameha!

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    AwesomeAlanxd /Alan warp kamehameha

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    KA..MEH...HAAA.......MEHHHHH..... (uses instant transmission) HAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! - Enderman

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    hi, how did you find my video? im trying to bring more english speakers in my channel.

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    @diegohgois yeah beacose i like to be killing peapole hah just kidding im psyco but im never killing peapole

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    Hooray!!!the creeper is the best but RIP TOO

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    At the start, the school literally is a real school teaching kamehameha

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    Lmao this was about as slow paced as DBZ

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    I WANT GOKU AS THE GUEST FOR THE SPIRIT BOMB ONE, OK?😁 Please do Spirit Bomb with Goku as a Guest. THANKS FOR THE LIKES!

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    Gaara The 5th Kazekage Of The Hidden Sand Village the should bring in a sibamen cause the creeper would perfect the exploding technique 🤪🤪 xd

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    Nah,King kai

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    zombie did a big bang attack

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    Shinobi Life Daily not it did'nt kamehamehas are supossed to look like that if the energy is not making a wave

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    Gaara The 5th Kazekage Of The Hidden Sand Village even i wanted

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    Hong Yan its called warp kamehameha :/

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    Gm spamer

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    Soy español

  • @chettorin3089


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    Diego104 oye tu te suscribes ami canal y yo altoyo ok

  • @missingciro8414


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    Gm denunciado de spam papuh.

  • @zeinmohamed9267
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    Man so cool power Kamehameha😀😀😀

  • @user-ix8uy4pb6m
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    God job🎉