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The mobs are playing Among Us while Herobrine is away. Wither Skeleton uses his cheating skills to win. All of a sudden a giant spaceship appears... watch the full video to find out what happens next.
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-This is a parody and not an official Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft/Among Us/Innersloth product.
-This video does not promote cheating neither in videogames or in real life in any way or form and it's for comedy purposes only.

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    És uma pessoa que eu te amo e te amo e te amo e ❤ 0:46 😅

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    3:34 GRRRR

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    I like how Wither Skeleton became an impostor. I think it really suits his character. BTW, I also made a new channel of Monster School animations. Can you help me give a comment so that I can do better in the future? Thanks.

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    Обожаю школу монстров❤ особенно скелетоны и визера

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    Not nostalgic but the animation are good also yea it's not cringy But still it's not nostalgic.

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    That spaceship was like that in Koi mil gaya movie😂

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    Блииин такая ностальгия, я смотрела это видео ещё в детстве..

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    This is why Minecraft wither skeletons don't mess with Herobrine because he's more powerful and more smarter he's literally to be so powerful

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    This is some of the best, if not, the best animation style of Monster School that I've ever watched, the hard work you put into these is absolutely incredible, animators like you need more recognition for the amount of time and work you put into these animations, keep up the great work

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    Fun fact: Wither: I won zombie,creeper,skeleton,enderman,ghast, slime and pigman Zombie: hey cheater Wither: what Pigman: you on cheating mode Ghast: yes Slime: yep Enderman: he is an cheater All classmates: yesss Herobrine: what was happening here All classmates: teacher 👩‍🏫‍ he on the cheating mode Herobrine: oh hey wither Wither: ..... Herobrine: hey Wither: ...... Herobrine: ahhhh in uf Wither: ouch...why you do that Herobrine: coz you not tell answer of my question Wither: ok now it's your turn Herobrine: ouchh... Wither: hahaha 😂🤣😹... Herobrine: 😡😡😡😡😡 Wither:😓😓😥😥😧😧😧😧 herobrine: I am your teacherrrrrrr Wither: sorry teacher 👩‍🏫‍👩‍🏫‍ Hahaha 😂🤣😹

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    Part two and part three has finally came out THANK YOU RATKIDZ

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    Not cap

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    I used to always watch them in my childhood! And how would you know if it's cap??

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    The creeper is using his legs like his legs is artificial intelligence (AI)

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    Feliz ano Novo

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    Part 2and part 3

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    come part 4 please