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Wither Skeleton is caught playing Squid Game on the smartphone. Herobrine arrives and receives a mysterious call. Watch the full video to find out what happens next.
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-This is a parody and not an official Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft/Squid Games/Siren Pictures Inc. product.
-This video does not promote cheating neither in videogames or in real life in any way or form and it's for comedy purposes only.

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    hi guys, im back with a squid game animation. I worked hard on this one, please watch full video and give like. subscribe and click the bell to not miss the next videos thank you for watching see you on the next one 👍

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    You're welcome and I really love and like your videos

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    Im sub und like do peft 2

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    Too bad you didn't hire anyone to make your video progress go faster

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    А когда выйдет следующая серия?

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    wither used a gun and aim at the doll before he made it to the end

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    1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50. Cf. Very. Huolt. Refresca

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    That why wither skeleton is so cool💯💯💯💯💯💯😎😎😎😎

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    I love you too baby I hope you have a good day I love you so fmuch and I hope you sleep

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    I want to know about monster school squid game part 2 is all about.

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    Quiero la parte 3

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    Самая смешная анимация, которую я когда-либо видел Когда я смотрю это, я избавляюсь от стресса.

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    MINECRAFT ANIMATION And EMOTIONAL . kzread.info/dash/bejne/q31pxZiAe8S9cbg.html

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    ​@@laelashorsh4839hi q

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    What a way to start the day, a new 15 minute episode!

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    Jaosoa 🦊🐶

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    ❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊 мой дом идём купи козу Bike ну такой чел давай давай идём сюда идёшь со мной 0:19

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    wow. challenge squid game !

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    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..…………🖤❣️🤟🏽💯💕🌙💝🤢👍🏻👌

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    That was so sweet of the guy who yelled who wants beast burgers and got himself out

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    Anyone in 2024

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    Ok enough with this pls I see it everywhere

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    "Funniest animation I've ever seen Watching it relieve me of stress"

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    @@tamodumbadze739 hffifuftduf

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    @@tamodumbadze739 ry

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    Queremos ver la parte 2 por favor

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    Крутяк продалжай в том же духе

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    Se notan los hacks de skeleto negro xd

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    ratdrad❤y yt t[

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    Нґ6 э🎉/❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😮😮🎉😊52

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    No Saben el jefe final?

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    2:11 All the Mobs Eyes Pop out

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    Молодец! Я тебя давно смотрю и оооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооочень хочу 2 часть

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    I love the realistic animations😂😂

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    I love these animations!!!!

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    Yay thank you Ratkidz for squid game :)

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    This almost looks like the original movie when those people die in the red light green light game at the beginning looks like the real movie

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    Ya quiero ver la parte 2

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    I LOVE IT 😀👍 also do more monster school

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    i love all the details he added that are from the series like when 001 looks at the birds or 101 is there with the tattoo or 342 gets shot first etc. even the room from the frontman looks the same. very nice job

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    The guy who standed behind to trick the doll and kill that Mrbeast-looking guy

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    Gosto disso👍👍

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    Yo quiero ver la segunda parte 😫🥺

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    Si yes goooooo now! Part 2 plis

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    Yes plis par2

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    Victory song of the impostor in AMONG AS 1:39

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    오!오!!!!!8:58 뜰님!!??

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    1:39 My favourite part

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    تم الاشتراك في القناة استمر انت رائع

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    jxjxkd? 1:20

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    La mejor animación del mundo como haces para tener tanta creatividad

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    Ratkidz videos just hit different. He is the best monster school producer in the modern era.

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    Minecraft ANIMATION Very EMOTIONAL .... kzread.info/dash/bejne/e36XuNKJedXXgpc.html

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    Отличный ролик

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    Part 1 : Green Light, Red Light Part 2 : Sugar Honeycomb Part 3 : Tug a Wars Part 4 : Marble Game and Glass Step Part 5 : Squid Game (Final)

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    no they are 6 part 1: red light green light part 2: sugar honeycomb part 3 : tug of war part 4 : marbe part 5 : glass bridge part 6 : squid game

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    1:34 years ago today I was in a meeting with a friend who had just started a business and he was talking fabout how he was going to be a millionaire and he was like oh $😅😂😊😅😮😢🎉😂a❤ lot more than you know but still very proud to be a successful business man

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