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Wither Skeleton was captured by the Among Us crewmates and put in a prison. The rest of the mobs are trying to find a way out of the spaceship while a mysterious creature is chasing them. How can they escape? Watch the full video to find out.
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-This is a parody and not an official Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft/Among Us/Innersloth product.

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    hi friends, i finally finished the animation after a lot of work. Please watch full video and give a like if you want more. comment and share the video, this would help 👍 see you on the next one

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    5:57xenomorph! And xenomorphs recently went on a rampage coz theres like a million of them and they have queen and king

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    please please part4!!!!! 기대합니다😊!!!

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    Thank you Ratkidz for making new animations

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    I like how his Minecraft Monster School Animations has way more detail and plot than the ones I watched back as a kid.

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    Incredíble animation

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    Charles Calvin wtf

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    Monsters School AMONG US Part4 Minecraft Ratkidz

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    Monster School Ratkidz Among Us Part4

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    The alien sequence was nicely animated. I like the colors and design of the ship. Somehow works in the minecraft setting. Nice work

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    epic and awesome animation the best monster school of all times i love this channel but youtube doesnt stop giving bigschool all the monster school views instead of this channel youtube needs to wake up and recommend ratkidz videos more how tf does bigschool get a million views in 24h and not this video smh

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